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Spiritual Direction

Are you thirsty and hungry for more of what God offers? Perhaps life has thrown you a few curved balls and you are finding yourself wondering what God is doing. The practice of Spiritual Direction may be the answer for exploring more deeply God’s grace in your life.

Spiritual Direction offers one-on-one time with a trained practitioner who will listen prayerfully to your story and will also be listening for God’s voice in the midst of your story. It offers you an hour to sit in His presence with another and carefully watch for the rhythm of grace that flows through all of us. It offers regular times of simple centering into the great “I am” of God’s presence and love, seeing His hand in our lives.

A typical session might involve some silence, remember He asks us to be still and know Him, as well as exploring what arises out of the experience of silence with Him. Various spiritual practices will also be explored to help you find a deeper sense of His presence in your daily life.

The end goal is not arrival at a point, but rather an enriched life that more closely reflects the John 10:10 abundance Jesus spoke of. Spiritual Direction also offers an awareness of the companionship of the Spirit in our lives as Jesus is formed within us offering the transformation we all long for.

For more information or to set up an introductory session, please contact Kelly Bowers at kellycbowers@juno.com or call him at 916-798-0305. He will be happy to talk at more length about Spiritual Direction.


In January of 2005, Kelly hit a spiritual wall that changed the trajectory of his life. A deep thirst and hunger for intimacy with God arose and He found himself spending significant, daily time with God listening to His still, small voice. Through prayer, journaling and meditation on Scripture, a deep sense of God’s present voice and who Kelly is became firmly planted within his heart. This led Kelly to the practice of Spiritual Direction as a calling on his life.

In 2010 Kelly began one-on-one mentoring with Tara Mansbridge-Owens of Anem Cara Ministries to explore God’s call on Kelly’s heart for Spiritual Direction. After four years of work with Tara, Kelly enrolled in and completed an intensive year of study and practice in the art of Spiritual Direction through CenterQuest in Pasadena California.

He is particularly interested in working with individuals who are seeking a deeper, more intimate relationship with God that reflects the abundant life promised by Jesus in John 10:10. Kelly is currently seeing clients one-on-one Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as other times via Skype.

Kelly has attended Creekside Christian Church since October of 1994 and has served in various capacities in The Worship Arts ministry as well as on the Elder Board for over six years. He has been married to his wife Gail for over 41 years and they have two grown children and one incredible grandson.

For more information regarding Spiritual Direction, please contact Kelly at kellycbowers@juno.com.

Group Spiritual Direction

Are you curious about the practice of Spiritual Direction? Do you long for a deeper sense of God’s presence in your daily life? Group Spiritual Direction may be the right place for you to put deeper roots down into the God who loves us so lavishly.

A typical group session will involve some time of silence as we let the things that often crowd out God’s voice fall away. A slow reading of a passage of Scripture will be offered as the group listens carefully to what may “shimmer” from the reading. Time for individual reflection is offered as well as a structured time of listening to one another. Finally we would typically conclude group time with a benediction of song or a Psalm that releases us to go forth with a deeper sense of God’s voice resonating within us.

Groups are currently being formed on Tuesday evenings. Typically there are no more than 6 participants in each group. Groups will meet for four consecutive Tuesday evenings. Please contact Kelly Bowers at kellycbowers@juno.com or call him at 916-798-0305 for more information. Information is also available at http://www.creeksideeg.com/event/979052-2017-09-29-prayer-renewal-retreat/